Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Featured Band FallEQ 2016: Super Bubble w/ SimplyB

Super Bubble is new on the scene, but the lead man Mr.SimplyB has been thrilling us and overwhelming us for a few years. Super talent has attracted more super talent to create this band. We first saw them at the Utah Burning Man event E11 in July and we were floored and humbled, "we are not worthy"!

Band members include: Brandon B Barker, Rob Drayna , Tim Ouburg , Max Webb , Wyatt Richards, Dan Muir

Music Style: funky crazy, slappy ass bass, super-sonic guitar leads, brassy-assy horn brigade

More about Simple B, the fearless, tear-less leader-

You will not be let down! You will be more, after you hear this band. EVOLUTION!

Here is more SimplyB,

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